About Us

It is the mission of DO Salon’s owner, Lee Parker, to provide a genuine sense of efficient professionalism and modern sensibilities. By creating a new, progressive environment for design, Lee and his team have been able to foster a unique culture perfect not just for new styles, but also one that is friendly and relaxing. Lee and his staff of specialists have worked with some of the most respected names in hair design, including Christopher and Sonya Dove, technical advisors for Wella Corporation and P&G Professional. Lee and his staff have spent years; honing their skills across the United States to eventually join DO in order to see their designs come to life and to provide a complete experience for their clients.

DO is an oasis for the style conscious, with thought provoking surroundings nestled into one of the many homes in the Bloomington Downtown area. Located 3 blocks west of the Downtown Square, DO is in a prime location to treat yourself and escape to a calming but lively interior. Lee brings his own unique style to DO reminiscent of many great stylists, but unique and playful in its own way.